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Hello from the Vakaros team!


We’re excited to be in Perth to debut RaceSense with the Etchells class. We’re once again reaching out with some logistical items to help every team prepare for a successful couple of regattas.


For all teams:

  • Each team will need to check in with Vakaros with their Atlas 2 in hand, or to receive their loaner unit. A Vakaros table will be set up  in the Regatta Office at Fremantle Sailing Club which during Registration.  The Regatta office is in the Activities Room located in the single storey building to the north of the main car park.

  • Check-in should take five to ten minutes and will be open at the following time:  Sunday, 10th March between 0900 and 1600

  • Teams wishing to use RaceSense for the practice race MUST check-in before 1130 on Friday, 15th March 2024.


If you already own an Atlas 2:

  • Update your unit to the latest firmware version 15.7 via the Vakaros Connect App. This firmware version will be available beginning midday, March 8. For a video on how to update your firmware, see here: Atlas 2 Firmware Update Tutorial

  • To download the Vakaros Connect App, see our user manual here: A2 User Manual

  • Ensure your device is in Etchells Class Compliance mode. Here’s an example video using Melges 15 class compliance as an example: simply replace M15 with Etchells and follow these steps: M15 Class Compliance Setup Video


If you are borrowing an Atlas 2 for the event (anyone who does not own one):

  • Vakaros will provide you with an instrument. This instrument will display magnetic heading as well as an automatic countdown start timer and OCS status.

  • You will need to turn your device in after the Bill Steele regatta for charging.

  • Due to the sheer volume of competitors, we won’t be able to customize screens for individual teams. If you’d like to change your display layout, devices will be available for purchase from Monkey Fist Marine.


We can’t wait for this great event! Find some RaceSense FAQs on the next page, and we’ll see you on the water.




Will Huerth

Vakaros Sales Director


Etchells RaceSense FAQ


Q: What functions will RaceSense perform automatically?

A: RaceSense will automatically start your timer and provide notification, within a second after the start, of if a team is OCS or not during the Bill Steele Regatta. For the Worlds, instruments will automatically start their timers, but will not display OCS information.


Q: Will RaceSense clear the start line?

A: No, the RC will be manually clearing boats. The OCS lights, shown when a boat is over, stay on for 20 seconds, regardless of whether a boat has cleared or not.


Q: Can I sail with another instrument on my mast in addition to the Atlas 2?

A: Yes, but this instrument must be at least 10 in. away from the Atlas 2 to avoid any potential magnetic or GPS interference


Q: Can I mount my radio on my instrument bracket?

A: NO, and this is critically important: radios are a HUGE source of magnetic interference and can significantly impact any instrument’s compass readout. Keep your VHF at least 12 inches away from your Atlas 2. 


Q: Will RaceSense be doing pings or showing distance-to-line?

A: No, as per the Etchells Class Rules, sailors will not have access to GPS-derived readouts on the water, nor to IMU-based values (heel/trim).


Q: I’m unable to make any of the existing check-in windows. What should I do?

A: Please reach out to if you have any worries about check-in timing. We are happy to work with you to find a better time.


Q: Where can I learn more about RaceSense?

A: Here are a few great resources:

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