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Logistics - Getting Your Boat Here


Shipping of containers to and from the port of Fremantle is not difficult with proper planning and consideration of local quarantine and customs requirements.


Australian quarantine laws are particularly strict, and the Quarantine Service is very thorough, so any breaches, no matter how slight, are likely to result in a full inspection at significant cost and in certain circumstances could result in unacceptable delays of boats getting to the regatta venue on time.


To avoid unnecessary issues and problems the Organising Committee (“OC”) are keen for all competitors to use DB Schenker (DBS) to ship their boats, to handle quarantine and customs clearance. The OC are endeavouring to have a separate bonded area at the Port of Fremantle where all containers will be opened for inspection at the same time and thus avoid the costs of potential double handling of containers. This being the case, once quarantine and customs have been cleared a local contractor can tow the boats to Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC).


In the event this is not possible additional costs will be incurred in taking the containers from the port to an authorised inspection facility, where they will be inspected and possibly unpacked and repacked before being transported to FSC.


DBS have appointed a specialist for our regatta based in the Melbourne office of DB Schenker which is in the GMT+10 time zone and whose contact details follow:-

Ms Zelia Lay

M: +61 4 3947 9315



You are encouraged to contact her soonest with your personal requirements noting in particular your home town for the purpose of determining the nearest port of loading. Zeila will provide you with a quote from your home port to Fremantle and return via Melbourne if appropriate.



As noted above Australian quarantine laws are particularly strict and the Quarantine Service is very thorough.


Avoid packing any wooden objects other than for securing the boat in the container and if possible, use other materials for packing. If wood is to be used, please ensure only heat treated wood stamped with an ISPM15 logo. Do not ship objects such as wooden ladders.  Avoid any foodstuffs as these may be subject to import permits and may require inspection and/or testing that will delay the clearance & subsequent delivery. Items shipped in the yacht should be kept to a minimum such as sailing gear and sails. However, you might like to put some bikes in the container as Fremantle is a very bike friendly city.  All items shipped in the container, including within the yacht as well as the yacht & trailer, must be itemised on the Carnet items list.


Ensure all items are clean of all dirt/mud/grass/leaves/seeds etc.  Specifically look in the wheel arches of the trailer for example.  Given the trailers will be packed in winter, it is likely there will be mud on them and possibly the boat covers. Please ensure the trailers and covers are clean before loading into the container or it will be cleaned in Fremantle at an additional cost and delay.


In response to the rapid expansion of the brown marmorated stink bug (“BMSB”) throughout Europe and North America, the Department of Agriculture has strengthened the seasonal measures to manage the risk of BMSB arriving in Australia during the 2023 - 2024 BMSB risk season.  These measures may include the need for containers to be fumigated prior to departure and/or on arrival.  It is important any such requirements are understood and addressed before shipping from overseas so as avoid delay in clearance at the Australian border.


Please ensure all keys pertaining to trailer lockboxes or other locked compartments are either handed to the exporting agent at destination or forwarded directly to the clearing agent at Fremantle. It is imperative the keys are received/available to Quarantine upon shipment arrival so all inspections can be undertaken in a timely manner. Failure to receive keys means we will require a locksmith to allow us to gain entry, that will delay customs and/or quarantine clearance and with additional costs for your account.


Container Arrival

Our preferred position is that as part of the DBS package Australian Customs and Quarantine (AQIS) inspections will be conducted in a bonded location at the Port of Fremantle. After clearance a private contractor will pick up the boats from the wharf them to FSC.


If this is not possible the containers will be collected from the port and delivered to an authorised inspection facility, where they will be inspected and possibly unpacked and repacked before being transported to FSC.


Import Paperwork

The usual protocol for shipping goods into Australia for a sporting event and then shipping the same goods back is to use a Carnet – please use the following link:


Please ensure the “Intended Use of goods” on the front cover of the carnet shows “2024 Etchells Yachting Regatta”.  Do not put “Professional Equipment”. The carnet should also show DB Schenker as the owner’s representative.


Please note that Customs & Quarantine inspection fees may be applicable/additional at time of importation into Australia and when re-exported back to your origin, as Customs may or may not seek to verify container contents match the Carnet documents in order to acquit the document.


Goods imported into Australia that are not re-exported back will be subject to Australian import duties (5% of the value of the goods, insurance and freight) and then a further 10% Goods and Services Tax (“Australian VAT”) on the total of the goods, insurance, freight and duty. So effectively charges of 15.5% on the value goods, insurance, freight.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This includes all damaged and/or lost equipment (including the yacht) that is not re-exported will be subject to the payment of duties & taxes.


Note: if you plan to on-ship your boat to Melbourne you should advise DBS and you may wish to apply for an extension to the Carnet beyond the initial 12 months.


Return Shipment

At the end of the regatta, you will need to pack your yachts and associated gear ready for shipment. Allow a minimum of 5 – 7 days from the end of the regatta to the shipment date to allow delivery from FSC to the wharf. 




We look forward to welcoming you to Perth and assisting in getting your yachts to and from Fremantle.  As alluded to above there are numerous issues to address and we would encourage participants to organise their transport arrangements early and to take advantage of the assistance that could be provided by MSC.

We encourage competitors to contact DB Schenker on the details below to obtain a competitive quote for their end-to-end logistics solution.



Ms Zelia Lay

M: +61 4 3947 9315



Schenker Australia Pty Ltd

43-57 South Centre Road

Melbourne Airport  VIC  3045

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